Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jan 22, 2012 Walking out of Hospital de Orbigo - Lost in the snow

This video was made in the morning of the 22nd. We left Hospital de Orbigo, heading for Castrillo and soon afterwards we got lost because all the way marks were covered by snow! But, everything happens for a reason, right? Enjoy the rest of the story....


  1. Love it- you really made me laugh! I have walked that beautiful back country route twice now, and it is actually one of my favourite bits of the Camino Frances. But I have only walked it in summer heat. I can imagine you would quite easily lose the trail in snow!

  2. We came to what appeared to be a junction with a good size rock separating the paths. Of course it was covered with snow, so after brushing it off we could see a blob of yellow paint but nothing that clearly indicated the correct path. Of course we chose the wrong one and set off to explore some farmers fields for a few kilometers. But, it all worked out in the end.