Friday, January 23, 2015

Jan 23, 2015: Alcanadre to Calahorra 20.6 K

Departing Alcanadre

Today dawned dry and mostly clear, and that made my day. Robin and I had committed to backtracking to Alcanadre to walk the section from there to Calahorra. If the weather had been miserable I probably could have been talked into a lay day and just skipping that stage. But as it's turned out we had a beautiful day, so off we went. A taxi picked us up at our hotel and for 26 euros drove us to Alcanadre. We hopped out of the taxi at 10:00, slung our packs (which were quite light as much had been left behind at our hotel to which we were returning), and set off along the orange stripe my gps has for the Camino Ignaciano. We followed a side street and then a gravel path as we enjoyed a gentle climb out of town and down towards the freeway (the AP-68). We crossed the freeway and swung back to parallel it heading east on a gravel service road. The way markings today were very sparse, and my gps, once again, brought clarity at several junctions that were poorly marked. Our walk today was quite flat and straight apart from the occasional turn to navigate around a freeway or railroad. The paths were mostly gravel, hard packed, and mud free (hooray). In truth today was just about walking. The scenery was pleasant, but not distracting, and the navigation was pretty straightforward (thank you gps). So with all that aside now it was just a matter of walking the kilometers required to return to our hotel. Days like this can be challenging to some people. An unrequited hunger for stimuli can be disturbing, putting some folks off balance, and making them crave companionship, at any cost. Solitude should not be shaped into some version of loneliness. Solitude is simply a space where one finds a rare opportunity to peer within one's heart. This should not be so complicated a process that it requires a follow up treatise to explain it. It should simply be a moment of interior reflection that helps guide you along your path to peace (or to wherever you are heading). Robin and I find these kinds of days, not boring, but tailor made for reflection. Anyhow, that was our day. We offered quiet prayers, enjoyed a variety of discussions, took in the scenery, clicked a few photos, and just kept walking. At 2:04 we stepped through the door of our hotel. Another great day's walk completed, and another stage closer to Manresa.

Climbing out of Alcanadre
Day begins
Nice day
Plenty of vineyards today
The service road
I'm always trying to catch up
Tunnel vision
Miles to go
A whimsical bodega along the way
Back to our hotel
Street scene in Calahorra
The lavandería (muy importante)


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