Sunday, June 28, 2015

Off to church again

The Archbishop of Santiago presiding at mass
Life volunteering in the Camino Chaplaincy continues to amaze me. Each day arriving pilgrims touch our hearts with their raw emotions and genuine thanks for our chapel just being there when it was needed. Yesterday evening John, Stephen, Robin and I set off by train to A Coruna to a Redemptorist church where John and Stephen have been volunteering their music. Last night was the final day of a special novena of masses and prayers as well as the vigil mass for the weekend. The Archbishop of Santiago, Julian Barrio Barrio, was the presider. John played the organ and Robin and Stephen added their wonderful voices. It was a standing room only mass. Afterwards John took us into the sacristy to meet the archbishop. He was most gracious and thankful for the addition of the beautiful music. After making our goodbyes we gathered at a local bar for drinks and a review of the night. By all accounts it was a great success. We lingered a bit just enjoying the moment and then walked in the gathering shadows, and the cool of the night to the bus station where we caught one of the last buses to Santiago. It was close to midnight when we arrived home, a bit weary, but so thankful for the opportunity to reach a bit further afield with this ministry. Lot's of smiling faces all around. I am convinced, that good liturgical music makes all the difference. From what we heard after the mass many others share that viewpoint.

The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in A Coruna

John R., Robin and the Archbishop

Stephen S., Archbishop and Robin

John R. and the Archbishop

Robin and I, and the Archbishop
Robin, John and Stephen in position (the dream team)

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