Sunday, July 5, 2015


Each morning as Robin and I walk into the cathedral there are a host of familiar images that serve to remind us of the transforming power of faith. Yes, religions of all sorts have mixed histories. The darkest parts steer us emotionally and intellectually away from them as they do not conform to our morality or are simply otherwise repugnant. We forget that any organization that is populated by humans is plagued with human weaknesses. I remember reading a caution somewhere not to let religion get in the way of faith. Yes, we see what we choose to see, but the Lord is with us always.

The reliquary of St. James

Fr. Joe at his post


  1. Hi again. We are just getting caught up with your great blog again. We were so close to seeing you in Santiago. Karen went to the 10:30 Mass while I was saving her seat for the Pilgrim Mass on our last day in Santiago and she said it was the nicest Mass she had ever attended in Spain. Personal, relaxing and so much more meaningful. She really liked Fr. Joe. He sounded like quite a character. You two are to be commended for this volunteer work. Well done. Once again great photos and commentary. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Dayton and Karen

    1. Hi Dayton,

      Glad you and Karen are now back and enjoying your home. Sounds like you had some challenges but came through still managing a smile. I enjoyed your blog, as always. Robin and I send our warmest regards to you both. Sorry we missed you.

      John and Robin