Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hanging out in Hondarribia

Robin and I finally arrived in Hondarribia last night at 8:30 pm. We were bone tired and desperately in need of a decent meal and sleep. On the positive side we made all of our connections, even our checked hiking pokes arrived. On the negative side the number of connections made for a very tiring day. But, we treated ourselves to a room at the Parador Hotel in Hondarribia and soon thereafter salvation was at hand. We dumped our camino gear in the room and shuffled across the plaza to a nearby bar that showed signs of life and in we went. A nice crowd was scattered about, but we managed to find a table. We ordered lamb chops, pimentos pardon, crepes, jamon Iberico, pulpo and a very nice Rioja reserva. All of that went down the hatch in record time as the bar owner (with a raised eyebrow) kept the food flowing to match our pace. It turned out to be a bit of an eclectic meal, but it definitely kept the wolf from the door. Settling up we made our way back across the plaza to the hotel, albeit at a slightly more stately pace, and were comatose a half hour later. 

We arose about 6:30 this morning and felt as though we just might make it. Food, a nice shower, and a great night's sleep worked their combined magic and gave us a new lease on life. The day proved to be chilly, but clear, as we set out to pick up some SIM cards and do a bit of sightseeing. Today was meant to be a recovery day and that was how it played out. Everything happened at a leisurely pace as we ran our errands and strolled around the Casco Viejo. We are now heading off to mass to be followed by another healing dinner, and then bed. We start walking the Camino Vasco tomorrow, and we are anxious to get underway. The weather forecast looks promising and our camino spirit is high. Another trip through the Basque countryside is about to begin and that, for us, is great news.

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