Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pilgrimage Pose

So I was in my yoga class and at one point our teacher prompted us to go into the Child's pose so we went. I saw my fellow students gathering a few props, knowing that we will be in this pose for a good 5 minutes or so, we all wanted to make sure we can give (everything) into the floor. About a minute into the pose our teacher tells us that this pose is also known for a pilgrimage pose; tightly folded body resembling a fetus in the womb, journeying back to where we came from, slowly counting our own breathing to fend off temptations from the ever fleeing mind. I was struck with awe about the timing of hearing this, and the invitation for me to once again, remind myself that our upcoming 2nd pilgrimage to the Camino de Santiago has indeed, very little to do with physical experience but everything to do with inner awakening if we seek it. We have a guidebook, we have a wealth of information about the terrain we will be walking, the weather and places to stay..... But, in truth, we will be walking what Meister Eckhart called "a way-less way", the inner journey. This is not about counting mileposts, but exploring the inner landscape. I suddenly remembered a verse from John's Gospel; "My sheep know my voice. I know them and they follow me." (John 10:27)

So, there I was, my head deeply bowed to the earth, shoulders heavily draped from my spine and onto  profoundly folded knees, my hands resting alongside my feet, and I was silently weeping.
Will I? Will I be able to hear you, Lord? In the winds of Meseta, in the refuge of a deserted hermitage, in the chant of a wind driven stand of Eucalyptus trees, in the sound of church bells from a distant village, and perhaps in the sound of my own breathing and foot steps, will I have inner ears to hear Your Voice, O Lord?


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