Friday, April 25, 2014

Enroute to Le Puy

We are one hour from Amsterdam. The Delta/KLM ten hour non-stop from Portland was a great choice. Neither Robin or I got any sleep but the time passed quickly, and the flight was smooth. We are catching a connecting flight to Lyon and then we go by train/bus to Le Puy. If we make the connections I planned we should arrive in Le Puy about 7 pm. We have booked a room at Logis Meymard which is quite close to the cathedral and the historic town center. I just felt the power being pulled back signaling our descent into Amsterdam has begun. More later...on the ground at Amsterdam awaiting our connection to Lyon (3 hours). We are a bit bleary eyed and travel weary, but are keeping our cool even with an incessant electronic voice reminding all within earshot to "mind your step." Okay! We got it. Thank you very much.

The flight to Lyon was short and uneventful. In Lyon we followed the signs for Rhône Express (the tram that takes you from the airport to the Part Dieu railway station) and purchased a ticket at a vending machine just before you go out the door to go down to the tram station (31.4 euros for two). A half hour later we were walking across the street and into the Gare Part Dieu. We purchased two tickets one way (allez simple) and hustled up to Voie (track) K to jump aboard just as it was getting ready to pull out. Two tickets, second class, were 48.40 Euros. The train left at 2:54 pm and arrived in Firminy at 4:04 pm where we transferred to a bus to get to Le Puy. The bus left at 4:47 pm and arrived in Le Puy at 6:44 pm. The train ticket included the bus (autocar) portion as well. The bus ride was quite scenic when the heavy rain showers allowed a view. We were starting to get a feel for terrain (lots of hills) and weather (wet) and both looked challenging. Looking forward to food (not airline) and a bed. All. Is well.


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  1. We sure are not looking forward to the seemingly endless travel prefacing our walk.