Saturday, June 20, 2015

A day in the life

John the owner of the Cafe Tertulia
Our lives here in Santiago have settled into a routine that is simple, pleasurable, and most rewarding. We awake at 7:00 am, wash up, grab a bite to eat (for me) in the apartment, and then head out the door to our neighborhood bar the Cafe Tertulia. Each morning John, the owner, knowing our preferences nods a greeting and then brings two cafe con leches and an order of churros to our table.  It is now around 8:25 and Robin and I are starting to sort out the needs of the day. We live a very simple, but joyful life. Once we are done with our coffees and are ready to leave we bid farewell to John, our most energetic and hospitable host and set out for the cathedral and our destination, the chapel of the SeƱora de la Soledad. It is a quiet uphill walk that allows Robin and I time to enjoy a few street views, take a photo or two and eventually arrive ten minutes later in the Plaza Inmaculada that leads us to the north entrance to the cathedral. There we enter the cathedral and absorb all that it presents to us that day. I head off to the sacristy to get the key to the chapel while Robin offers prayers in the crypt. As I move towards the sacristy I offer morning greetings to the security guards and the sisters as I reach the sacristy to pick up the chapel key. Once back at the chapel, I unlock the gate and push it open ( yes, it is heavy) and life begins again. The lights come on, the candles are lit, the music is played and slowly the faithful appear. The day has begun. This seems so routine that those immersed in the daily routines of modern life might see this as almost quaint. But, it is far from that. Each day we witness the arrival of our pilgrim family, and that family has stories to tell and wonders to share. It is never the same and is always a celebration. Robin and I are so blessed to be here to share in this. When Robin is not in the cathedral she is often singing with Stephen Shields (tenor) and John Rafferty (organist) at the neighborhood San Agustin's Jesuit church.

Day begins

Robin on the way to "work"
A trip to the market after mass

Pulpo for lunch


  1. Oh wow! I haven't been doing much blog reading lately, so didn't realise you were in Santiago doing this. Then to hear Robin sing like that was a truly wonderful surprise. What a beautiful voice!

    1. Hi Margaret, thanks for checking in. All is going very well here in Santiago with the Camino Chaplaincy. Robin is thrilled to have the opportunity to sing with Stephen and John. This a great time and place for all of us.