Sunday, October 4, 2015

Silent night

The past few months have been fun yet full of camino echoes. So Robin and I have been looking at travel plans and commitments and have decided that if we are going to walk another camino we had better do it this year so that we do not run afoul of the Schengen visa requirements next year when we return to Santiago to volunteer with the Camino Chaplaincy at the Cathedral in Santiago. So long story short we are booked to fly to Seville on November 2nd and then, God willing, we will arrive in Santiago on or about December 21st. We will then spend the Christmas holidays in Santiago and fly home on December 28th.

Robin and I are truly thankful for this opportunity to return to the camino. We are also very happy to be reprising the liturgical music "dream team" of John Rafferty (organist), Stephen Shields (tenor) and Robin Pigott (soprano). These three made some very memorable music this past summer and we hope to top that over the Christmas holidays. It will be a wonderful conclusion to our Via de la Plata and to Stephen and John's Camino Ignaciano. The pilgrim community is a curious place to inhabit. Just when one seems to feel comfortable in one's skin something calls us to move just a bit beyond our usual boundaries. This is where conventional wisdom tells us that growth is to be found. We shall see.

Robin and I have always trusted the Spirit to guide us. This pilgrimage, in that regard, will be no different. But, as always, each journey comes as it will and we simply have to embrace whatever circumstances that might draw near. So this is our approach, be open to the Spirit within us, be grateful for the strength and resources to walk, and to be mindful of those who need our prayers.  Now all Robin has to figure out is how to sing Silent Night in Spanish. But we have some time....well sort of....stay tuned!


  1. What exciting plans you and Robin have for the coming months! Looking forward to reading your posts as you move along.
    Godspeed and as always, Ultreia!

  2. Hi Margaret, not sure what your camino plans are for this year but regardless you remain a true inspiration. The Spirit calls and we try to answer. Let's see for now.

    John and Robin

  3. Glad to learn that you are off again. Looking forward to vicariously following along. Too bad you can't record the concert! Have a safe and rewarding journey,


  4. Thanks, Duke. The music will be in a mass setting, but I can record it, and probably will. More later.