Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Back in Spain

We spent a restful night at Casa Capela, and happily awoke to clear skies. Marguerite, our host had breakfast in hand, and our laundry was folded in a basket. We thanked Marguerite for all her many kindnesses and stepped out onto the cobbles, made a left turn and set out for Tui. Nothing much to report as the day was close to being perfect. The weather was dry with temperatures topping out near 60 F. Robin and I simply enjoyed the time on the trail and before we knew it we were moving down the narrow streets of Valença enjoying the old town around the fort. After a few twists and turns and navigating through some shadowy portals we emerged back into the sunlight and headed across the Minho River bridge into the town of Tui and Spain. We stopped at a convenient bar for a cold beer, and to change our SIM cards back to the Spanish ones we had previously purchased. As we were sipping our Estrella Galicia we asked the lady at the bar where our hotel was. She confirmed it was about 5 kms outside of Tui but she felt sure they would come and collect us if we had a reservation, which we did. About 20 minutes later the hotel van arrived and we were off. We are now doing what we always do post walk. Showers, laundry, and lunch. We are staying in the Hotel Alfonso I and although it is outside of town, it has all that we need. As a side note the food in the restaurant was terrific. So we are in the decompression stage and simply relaxing. It was a very fine day and tomorrow promises to be more of the same. What luck.

Leaving Our lodging this morning

Serious horns

Valencã in the distance

Albergue we passed by

The forteleza in Valencã

Tui across the river

The bridge to Tui

Crossing into Spain

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