Sunday, February 1, 2015

Feb 1, 2015: Venta de Santa Lucia to Bujaraloz 20.6 K

Day begins

Today was another day of backtracking to complete an otherwise missed stage. We met our taxi driver, Carlos, at 9:00 and he drove us back to Venta to begin today's walk. It was another dry day, but still cold and quite windy. Not much to it as far as navigation goes, just keep the N 11 on your left until you cross it just before Bujaraloz. As simple as it was I still managed to wander off in the wrong direction at one intersection. Robin caught my mistake and we were shortly back on our track. The path had a few muddy patches but was mostly dry and we could make good time. It was a very pleasant day to be out walking. The never ending, far reaching vistas of the Monegros Plateau make for great photo ops. I do apologize if some of today's photos appear to have a light spot center low. It is because at the end of today's walk I noticed a big smudge on the lense (sorry). That problem has now been resolved. Better luck tomorrow. Not much else to note, except we are another 20 K closer to Manresa. Tomorrow we are walking to Candasnos and then coming back to Bujaraloz again (thank you Carlos) to spend the night. Carlos will the have to return us to Candasnos so that we can walk from there to Fraga. Once that little shuffle gets taken care of I think we are done with taxis as we have lodging at all other upcoming stage breaks. Today was also a perfect day to incorporate the Jesuit practice of the Examen. This is a daily (some do this twice daily) 5 part practice that St. Ignatius used to recognize God in his life.

Look for God's presence everywhere and in everything.

Acknowledge all the things in your life that you are grateful for.

Review the events of the day.

Ask for forgiveness for the times when you have fallen short.

Pray for God's enlightenment so that future choices will serve God above all else.

It seems pretty straightforward, but it is challenging to prevent this kind of prayerful reflection from becoming stale and dry. But, the beauty of being on pilgrimage is that you have a lot of time to practice.

Robin and I have our day's end pilgrim chores down to a pretty solid routine. So it comes as no surprise that once again our room has a laundry line strung across it, showers are done, our boots are stuffed with newspaper and are parked in the corner, and dinner has been eaten (more like a late lunch). Various devices with batteries are also being charged. Nothing left to do except enjoy a glass of wine and relax. That is until we wake up tomorrow and do this all over again. It is, admittedly, a curious way of life, but also oddly compelling.

Hermita de San Jorge
Approaching Bujaraloz



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