Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feb 8, 2015: Panadella to Igualada 21.8 K

It is now just three days to go to Manresa, and Robin and I were anxious to get underway. We caught a lift at 8:30 from our hostal in Cervera to just past Panadella and started walking. It was another very cold morning with gusty winds back in the picture. As I looked at today's walk on the gps map it just seemed to follow the highway all the way to Igualada. My concerns over this development were put at ease when we came upon a segregated bike path that followed the road. This path led us downhill all day and into the suburbs of Igualada. There wasn't much to see other than passing cars, but we were safely separated from them, and we were not slogging through snow. All in all not a bad trade off. But, as a consequence of today's path there are only a couple of photographs to post. Tomorrow we are off to Monserrat, and photo ops should abound as we climb into the mountains. 

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  1. Coming from Northern Canada and opting to spend the winter in Florida, I have a hard time understanding, leaving California for the snowy parts of Spain! And I have walked the Camino!