Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A peaceful day to Redondela

This morning we picked up a ride from our hotel to Porriño, and set out from there for today's walk to Redondela. The day was much colder than yesterday with frost visible on the cars in front of the hotel as we set out. Other than that it was a beautiful morning that promised to stay that way through the day. Having cut about half of today's walk we had an easy day of it and thoroughly enjoyed just loafing along enjoying the scenery. The terrain started out with a gentle climb that steepened as the morning progressed. Once the top was reached it was a precipitous drop back down to something close to sea level. From that point it was just ambling along the flat until we swung into Redondela. No problems at all. We have an apartment at the Alvear Suites (right on the Camino), and have found its to be quite comfortable. We will set out for Pontevedra in the morning. We might actually walk the whole way.  Maybe.



Veggie garden

We passed a church along the way

Some fortified coffee

Redondela ahead

Junta albergue in Redondela 

A nice lunch break in Redondela

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  1. Hi you two. Just getting caught up on your Camino. Always nice to follow when you've already walked it. Sounds like everything is going well.....except maybe some of the rain. In our 24 days from Lisbon to Santiago we had zero days of rain...of course it wasn't February. Like you've noted, the Portuguese are really warm and friendly and the food is fabulous. Enjoy these next few days to Santiago. Thanks for the umpteenth time for your great posts and photos. Dayton and Karen