Monday, February 13, 2017

Home again.

We left Padrón on Sunday morning at 7:40 and walked into the Pilgrim Office in Santiago at 1:15 pm. We had a great final day. We outpaced the weather until just at the very end when a few showers hosed us off. But, it was arrival day and nothing was going to stand in the way of the special joy a pilgrim feels on that day. As always there are reflections on this or that or some other thing regarding the Camino just walked. I'll leave those for another day. For now, our joy is palpable. Robin and I have experienced the gift of yet another Camino, two if you throw in our days on the Camino Vasco. Santiago continues to seem like another home to us. It isn't perfect, but for those on the pilgrim road there is no sweeter place to walk into. Now we just need to exhale and relax. Actually we are pretty good at that as well. Prayers and blessings to all from Santiago. We will be shapeshifting into our other selves as of this coming Thursday when we once again return to our home state of Washington in the magnificent Pacific Northwest. Thanks to all who in some way shared this journey. Peace be with you.

John and Robin

Leaving Padrón. 

Arrival Santiago.

Prayers offered at the chapel at the Pilgrim Office in Santiago. 

View from our room.

Changeable weather earlier today.


  1. Congratulations again. You two set the standard for Pilgrims, both physically and spiritually. I remember years ago when I came across your blog on your first winter Camino. We've been enjoying your adventures ever since. Enjoy your time in Santiago, a favourite place of ours as well. Dayton and Karen

  2. Thanks for your very kind words, Dayton. It is always a special pleasure to know that you and Karen are along for the journey. Best of luck to you both.