Saturday, January 8, 2011

The camino route out of Leon over the Rio Bernesga

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Robin and I left this morning after spending three nights instead of two in Leon as she has been troubled with a swollen ankle and after a visit to the emergency room we took the doc´s advice and rested another day. We are currently in San Martin del Camino staying at the Albergue Santa Ana. We paid for a room with heat but so far it is hard to distinguish inside from outside. Today´s walk was a readjustment to camino life after the indulgence of the Parrador. All day we experienced a cold moderate rain with poncho snapping and body shifting winds as we slogged on up the alternate route (alongside the N-120) to avoid the mud of the preferred country route. It was a day spent trying to get in balance with the weather, setting the right pace and trying not to fight against every gust of wind. In the end we did pretty well but were thankful for reaching our destination and for the shelter we found. Now if we could just get something going on the heat life would be even better. Astorga is tomorrow´s destination. Perhaps the weather will take a turn for the better. We shall see. All in all it is good to be back underway on the camino. More tomorrow from Astorga.

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  1. Sure hope the ankle issue heals quickly. We are loving every post. I guess this is the weather you expected!
    Robin, many happy returns on your half century birthday...and so much to look forward to in the next half! Happy Birthday.
    Lots of love to you both, Ian & Karen