Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lunch 4K from Arco O Pino

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Robin and I arrived safely in Arco this afternoon. We have made steady progress in excellent conditions since leaving Palas de Rei. We cannot believe the luck we are having with the weather. Temperatures are always in the 50's F with early morning temps around 40-45 F. The extended forecast for Santiago shows dry weather through mid week. This is truly a gift at this time of year. Traffic on the Camino continues to grow. We had eighteen at the albergue in Arzua last night. This was our largest croud to date. We have not experienced any albergue problems everyone is respectful of one another and things seem to settle down quickly as 10:00 PM lights out approaches. Everyone is now in the "get to Santiago" mode. We will arrive early tomorrow afternoon. It is hard to believe that our pilgrimage is almost at an end. It will take a lot more time to process this experience but at this point I can only say this has been an extraordinary event for us. We are approaching the physical end point (some will argue that it is Finisterre) of this camino but it seems to me that our camino will never end. We know there is a new path to be walked through whatever days are gifted to us and with God's grace we will find the Way and have the courage to walk it. Time will tell were this all takes us but for now all I can think to say is Ultreia, and thank you for walking with us. All continues to be at peace 20K from Santiago.

P.S. I have never eaten a sandwich this big in my life before the camino. Now I eat mine and stare at Robin's (the steak).