Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our albergue in Leon

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Since I last posted from El Burgo Ranero Robin and I have made it to Leon in two days with an intermediate stop in Villarente (the closest place to El Burgo where we could find a bed or a room. That time has been in large part spent walking alongside roadways. This type of walking, I am discovering, has its own challenges (vehicle noise, flat straight paths that can conjure monotony, uninspiring scenery) but on the plus side it also provides great opportunities to self explore. As my feet did the walking I found my mind free to engage other matters. At first I was going to improve my use of walking poles. So I practiced until something else crowded in, and something always did. And so the day passed filled with many prayers, musings, and reflections that I was pleased to enjoy. Talking this over with Robin she seemed to have reached a similar conclusion. The weather since leaving El Burgo has been light rain, more continuous than intermittent. The temperatures have been in the 38-40 F range. We have been very comfortable walking in ponchos (Altus) with t shirts and T neck base layers underneath. No vests required. Gloves have been optional for me but Robin wears them most of the time. I can see how the camino from Carrion de los Condes to Leon can be challenging to people. I must admit that compared to the camino we experienced before Carrion this is a poor second visually, but I am discovering that there is much more to the camino than pastoral imagery. Robin and I continue to learn something every day as this journey continues. It is more than curious how certain things seem to happen just when you need them. Along those lines, I know Robin wants to post something about our stay in El Burgo Ranero. But I´ll let her tell that story. So we still have a ways to go andwe are anxious to see what lies ahead. As I write these posts please keep in mind that this is our first camino and I can only share with you my observations from that perspective. I do not presume to know anything more than what I have learned to date but somehow It seems that is more than I realize. The attached photo is the Parrador hotel in Leon where Robin and I will stay for two days. Robin´s 50th birthday is on the 9th but we will celebrate it here in Leon. I was surpised that the rate was only 90 euros per day breakfast included (which is usually pretty pricey in a Parrador). So that is the plan for now. Tomorrow is the Feast of the Epiphany and with that the Christmas holiday period will officially close. Life should then get back to normal with more shops open and more places to stay being available (maybe). So from this now very comfortable "albergue" on the camino Robin and I offer you all our best wishes and bid you good night wherever you might be.


  1. Happy early birthday Robin! I know you are on a wonderful journey - perfect for your big birthday year....we are praying for you guys! Have a great adventure and we are walking with you as we read your postings! Love, Hea Shin n Bob

  2. From Stu and Joan all the best wishes for all the decades to come - perhaps another grand walkabout. i am writing down all your thougts and the places you have staid. You have made us look forward with gusto our start in mid April. Happy Birthday Robin.