Saturday, January 1, 2011

Days end - Carrion de los Condes

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It has been hard finding internet connections because many albergues are closed and not all that are open have functional computers. But putting that aside the important aspects of this trip have been going well. Since our last post we have enjoyed fine weather and great walking conditions. We were surprised to find temperatures hitting 60 F approacing Boadilla. We are right on the verge of being over rigged for this weather as we did not expect such warm weather. The Meseta has been a wonderful experience. It reminds me somewhat of eastern Washington, my home state. I guess in my mind I expected a flat plateau void of vegetation, but have discovered a captivating landscape with villages tucked into folds and creases here and there. We have had concerns about finding accommodation and have carried extra food (more weight) in anticipation of stores being closed, but we have always managed to find shelter, sometimes in pensions but mostly in albergues. They have all had hot water and have had the heat on at least from 6-10 PM. The norm is no heat in the morning or in the afternoon if you arrive early and are cold (most likely) a hot shower helps immensely but then be prepared to put all your clothes right back on to avoid freezing. Even with unseasonal mild daytime temps the evenings drop down to freezing and these stone structures love to hold onto the cold, even during the day when it is milder outside. Robin and I were discussing our progress to date and are pleased to note that the half way point is drawing near. We are very thankful for the gift of this camino and the progress we have made to date. Just a quick aside, we might be reaching critical mass with ham and cheese sandwiches. Not complaining.. they are very good, and we are thankful for the food we find, but.....More later. Now its time to hit the recovery room (bar).

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