Saturday, February 2, 2013

Feb 1, 2013 Arzua to Arca O Pino: Santiago tomorrow

Nearest bar to the albergue

Last night, returning from dinner, we purchased two bottles of red wine from the Bierzo region at 1.9 euros each. This terrific wine, and it was so cheap we couldn't resist. Luckily, the rest of our albergue mates were not ready for bed so out came the corkscrew and down went the wine. We were in severe breach of the 10:00 pm albergue lights out rule, as bottle number two tumbled into the bin, but as all affected parties were sipping wine the issue went to bed with us. This morning all hands turned to on schedule and were out of the albergue shortly after 8:00. It appears everyone is anxious to get to our last stop before Santiago. Yesterday's rather grim weather forecast for heavy rain and high winds was nowhere to be found as Robin and I, filled with toast and coffee, moved quietly uphill out of Arzua. Admittedly it was sprinkling, but that soon gave way to mist, and then to simply low hanging cloud that thankfully marshaled its moisture. Finding new energy from the unexpected good weather we quickened our step towards Arca, trying to outrace the moment when the clouds would surely agree to give back some of what they held. The walk itself, at this point in the Camino, was just more steps closer to Santiago. Our minds are already in the cathedral and are not focused on the Galician countryside, despite its charm. We eventually stopped for lunch with about 4 kms left to go to the albergue in Arca. Just as we stopped the clouds opened up. We had walked all morning in nice weather (make that dry), but from here on in things would be different. Stepping back outside, after lunch, Robin and I both zipped up our ponchos, tightened the hood drawstrings, and gave it a go. 45 minutes later we were two of five people, dripping, in front of the registration desk at the municipal albergue. It was a great next to last day. The rain and wind have not let up since we checked in. We eventually will have to go find something for dinner, but for now I am quite content to simply be dry and warm.

Robin and James, our cook for tonight


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  1. Enjoy your last day into Santiago. We walked in pouring rain from Arca to Santiago so I know what you're going through. It really doesn't matter at this point huh. Thanks again for your blog...have enjoyed it. Dayton and Karen