Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 17, 2013 Bruma to Sigueiro Day 4: A downhill day (well, mostly)

Today we had a quick breakfast at the Pension O Meson Novo, in Bruma, confirmed it was raining, albeit lightly, made our goodbyes, and hooked it around the corner, and eventually joined up with the Camino path about 1.5 kms later. We wore our ponchos as we left and never took them off. The rain was light all day, but steady. Temps were around 45 F to start and notched up a bit as the day wore on. I'm guessing that they never got above 53-55 F. Today's cooler weather helped offset walking in our ponchos. The actual route for this stage was very nondescript. It was quiet, and repeated many of the themes we have come to enjoy on this Camino, but there was nothing particularly special about it. Sorry. It was nice that the terrain was mostly downhill (or level) to Sigueiro.

We walked along rural country roads a good bit, there were a few "woodland paths" tossed in for good measure, and we spent a lot of time passing through forested areas. As we approached Sigueiro we spent about 45 minutes walking along a straight, but undulating logging road, that never seemed to end. In truth, I didn't really enjoy that part very much. I found myself just wanting it to be over. I guess I needed a change of scenery. On the plus side most of the off road trails were well drained with good walking conditions. We squished around a few low lying bogs, but never had to become too creative to find a way through. We were able to make good steady progress as there were not many places to stop (make that none, but it is Sunday). We shoved off at 8:40 this morning, and were sitting down for lunch in Sigueiro at 2:00. We opted for a room at the Hotel Santa Cruz, about 4.5 kms back the way we came. We took a taxi, and asked the driver to pick us up in the morning, and return us to Sigueiro. Once again our plan is to arrive in Santiago in time for the 12:00 pilgrim mass. I think we only have 16-18 kms left to go, so that should not be a problem. After tomorrow we are truly done with the Camino for this go around. But, it is hard to believe that we will not be back. For now we are only thinking of arriving in Santiago. I'll post from Santiago, and then Robin and I will gather our thoughts and post a recap of this journey once we get home. Off to do the laundry (one last time). Trash can after that. We are smiling.

The end of the logging road
Entering Sigueiro
Take me to the hotel


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