Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feb 14, 2013 Camino Ingles, Ferrol to Pontedueme: Day 1

Naval Base Ferrol

Robin and I were well rested after several days off since arrival Muxia. But we were back at it this morning as we slung our packs, snugged rigging, and finally set out for Santiago on the Camino Ingles. The weather was quite mild (48 F) at our departure (9:00). We both were wearing a t shirt and a mid weight base layer. Today would be dry so ponchos were stowed. We had previously found the first Camino marker down by the Port and across from the Tourist Information kiosk. So, this morning we knew we could head down to the Naval Base and follow its perimeter wall for the first bit out of town. The air was absolutely still, offering not a breath of relief from the humidity that was now more noticeable as the temperature ticked up a couple of degrees.

Leaving Ferrol

We plowed on, not exactly spewing gravel in our wake, but making modest progress as we worked at getting our Camino game face back on while enjoying the Port views as we walked. As it turned out those Port views would be with us a good part of the day. All went well. The marking was good. The only confusing part was when the Confraternity of St. James (CSJ) guide (which was correct) directed us one way, and a Camino marker pointed us in another direction. There were arrows all confirming the CSJ directions, but there still was this marker raising a cloud of doubt. This happened at the first turn to the right after joining Camino do Vilar. The marker indicated continue straight on. The only other issue was a set of new signs as you emerge from the trail to the roundabout where you see the Cafeteria Vilar do Colo.

New signs for diversion

A local guy came over to us and made it clear that we should not follow the old route but should follow these new signs. He was right. The signs lead you up through an industrial estate until you hit a t junction. There is a sign there to turn left to pick up the Camino shortly thereafter on your right. This diversion basically parallels the old route. Apart from these exceptions it was a good first day. We stopped in Neda for lunch, and also visited the Tourist Information Office to check on lodging further on. The man on duty was very helpful. If you have any questions this is a good place to get them answered. Now with lunch and Neda behind us it was full ahead to Pontedueme.

We enjoyed the scenery, especially as drop into the little beach town of Cabana, just 1 km from Pontedueme. The walk across the bridge into Pontedueme also offers some great photo opportunities. We have found a room at the Pension Allegue (30 euros for a double room). Robin and I are about ready to head out for dinner, so I'll wrap this up for now. Had a fine day, but wondered if we would ever lose sight of Ferrol (which we eventually did at about 3:00 pm). We arrived at our pension at 5:30. Long day, but fun (got the game face back on).


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