Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jan 31, 2013 Palas de Rei to Arzua: Another wet one

We had a pleasant stay at Casa Curro, and more importantly got everything dried out. As we were finishing our dinner a bunch of Spaniards, who we see daily, showed up for diner as well. We stayed and had some drinks, and then called it a night. We rolled out the door at 7:15 eager to get an early start for today's 29 km walk. The cloudy and dry conditions forecasted for today turned out to cloudy and rain. We made our way to a bar we knew would be open and had some coffee and toast for breakfast. We pushed off for Arzua at 8:15. We switched on our headlamps for about half an hour just to be sure of our footing. The rain would fade to a mist and off would come the ponchos, then just as quickly the rain would return along with the ponchos. I played this game until the second half of the day when I just accepted getting a bit wetter as we squished up and down the dripping landscape of Galicia. We planned a lunch break at Melide, and subsequently arrived there (pretty soggy) at 11:30. The weather showed no signs of improving so we decided to stay in our wet clothes until we reached the albergue in Arzua. The afternoon's climbing kept us warm, along with temperatures pushing 60 F.

We finally arrived at the junta (municipal) albergue at 3:15, and with great delight, stepped in out of the rain. We are getting our drying out process pretty well refined (too much practice). Robin has everything organized around the radiators, and with the clothes now in the dryer we are free to seek out a cold beer. I knew we would eventually get around to that. Tomorrow's weather forecast has an exclamation point attached to it that means "pay attention." It seems we are in store for about a day and a half of much heavier rain and high winds (40+ mph). I am having a bit of trouble processing that right now as I am still in the recovery mode from today. We shall just see what tomorrow brings and figure out what to do when we can actually see what we are facing. Never a dull moment on the Camino. Off to Arca O Pino tomorrow, one way or another.

Sorry, not many photos today. You can only shoot just so many photos of mud and water. Well, there was also the wrestling match with the ponchos as well. Not complaining, just saying.

Peace be with you.


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