Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 36: San Sebastián to Zarautz (18.5 kms)

Following the beach out of town

Today we had a little business to attend to before departing San Sebastián. Robin's iPhone will not pick up any WiFi so went to the Orange store and bought SIM card for her phone. She called AT&T, yesterday, and had her phone unlocked. Once that was confirmed, it was just a ten minute process at the store to install and activate the card. We did need to present Robin's passport.

Armed with internet connection once again, we confidently left town for Zarautz. We actually started climbing at the west end of the beach at 11:00. Today was a short day, and both Robin, and I felt well rested. We had a few pintxos for dinner, and closed the day sitting at an outside cafe enjoying a glass of wine on the Boulevard Zumardia. It was a Sunday evening, and all the locals were out enjoying themselves. It was fun to just sit and be a part of that. But, that was last night and today we're back to being pilgrims. So, with backpacks snugged up we started our climb. Surprisingly, it went very well. After ascending multiple sets of stairs, the grade eased a bit, and we climbed steadily into a calm, muggy late morning. Periodically, we would Lift our heads to a cool sea breeze that reminded us that the ocean was close by. The first part of the day the track hugged the hillside, and gave good ocean views. A bit later on we headed inland and found a narrower, muddy path that led us most of the way to Orio. We stopped there for a coffee, and then pushed on to Zarautz, where we arrived at 4:00. Today's walk went a lot better than our trek from Irun to San Sebastián. It certainly was less challenging, but still tiring. We have checked into the Hotel Norte, just around the corner from the albergue. It was 40 euros including breakfast for a double room. Zarautz appears to be a clean little beach resort, with a spectacular beach. Robin and I have hung the wash on our balcony, and are now headed out for pintxos and a beer, and a stroll along the beach.

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Approaching Zarautz



  1. Mountains and the sea- so beautiful together on the one day.

  2. I am so enjoying reading your blog and seeing your fantastic photos.