Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 52: Oviedo to San Juan Villapañada (28.5 kms)

Just outside of Oviedo

We are now officially back on the Camino. We started out by catching a lift to the outer suburbs of Oviedo. Urban pavement walking is just not our thing. We started walking from San Lázaro Paniceres. This delivered us out of the city, and chopped about 5 kms off our day. We immediately felt a change compared to the Norte. It was quiet, even still, as we trekked along rural roads and paths. An early morning cloud deck lingered on towards midday, and provided blessed shade, as the temperatures moved upwards (80 F). We had hoped to find a bar open for a mid morning break, but no luck. We simply walked on straight to Grado where we arrived at 11:30. We stopped for some lunch, and purchased some food for tonight's dinner at the albergue. It was a day of many ups and downs as we followed the Camino. The climbs and descents were fairly easy to moderate. The only challenge today was the heat. Setting out after lunch was tough. Maybe that is why I don't like to stop. But, one has to rest, and I certainly was ready to get off my feet by the time we reached Grado. Once we left Grado the day was growing hot, and it took a lot of willpower to move on. But, we pushed on (uphill) to the albergue at Villapañada. So now the pilgrims are drifting in as the day draws to a close. Thunder is rolling through the valley, and the skies are quickly darkening. All hands are watching the clothesline (muy importante) ready to leap at the first sign of rain. Shortly dinners will be cobbled together, and then off to bed to get ready for another day. A very simple life indeed. It has been a great day. A bit more work in store for tomorrow, as the terrain steepens. Now, it's time for relaxing. Conversations are flowing as everyone is sharing Camino stories, and route information. No wifi here so I will try and post this tomorrow. I think I spotted a bottle of vino tinto. Gotta go.


Which part of the shell do we follow



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