Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 58: Fonsagrada to Cádavo Baleira (24 kms)

Leaving Fonsagrada

We were in dry clothes and boots as we made our way out of town this morning. The owners of the albergue/hotel were kind enough to turn on the heat after yesterday's storm, and that allowed guests to get warm, but also allowed hard to dry things like boots to actually dry out. This albergue, with hotel rooms above it, is right next to the church. The albergue section is brand new, and has been open for about a month (so I was told). The owners were very accommodating, the facility was very clean, and the kitchen was fully stocked.

As we walked out the door the air temperature was 45 F. Yesterday it was 60 F. On went our rain jackets over long sleeve t shirts, and off we went. The Spanish forecast called for another rainy day, but they were wrong again. It stayed dry all day (no complaints). Today's stage was quite a mix of trail types, and grade changes. There were some quite steep climbs, that had some distance in them, and there were some long descents as well. It was an enjoyable day that let you know you had done some work by the end of it. There was a bar, right on the Camino, just before Paradavella, that made a perfect lunch stop. This was the first bar we had seen, since leaving Fonsagrada, so in we went. It was a jumping place as every pilgrim coming down the trail turned in for a drink or something to eat. Leaving there it was about another 12 kms to Cádavo. The trail wound around hillsides, cut through forests, challenged us on the uphills, and downhills, but in return, provided us with a quiet day in the hill country. We could see the change in the topography as the more mountainous terrain, of previous days, has now given way to the more rounded profiles of lower hills. Still these lower hills had some tough sections to handle. By the time we came upon Cádavo, and started our final descent into the town, both Robin and I were done. We walked past the municipal albergue that looked new and modern, and walked through town to the Hotel Moneda, where we booked in. Our laundry is now done, and we made the lunch service before it closed, so all is well. Tomorrow, we are off to Lugo. We intend to spend two days there as our arrival date in Santiago is still ahead of schedule.

Another windmill ridge to top
Pilgrim hospital
Pilgrims on the trail
Still going up
Lunch stop
Thoughtful trail marking
Into the woods
Follow that girl
Camino path
Typical Spanish bar
Down into Cádavo


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  1. I love all the slate roofs on those stone buildings- obviously mountain villages.