Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 47: Comillas to Colombres (28.5 kms)

Very nice path out of Comillas

We got a bit of a late start as we were staying at a place that did not keep pilgrim hours. In the end it was agreed that breakfast would be served, a bit earlier than usual, at 8:30. We were on the road at 9:15, enjoying another day of beautiful Camino weather. Today was supposed to be a 28.5 km day so we were pacing ourselves to walk the full day. We wound up staying at a highway hotel about 1.5 kms outside of Colombres. So that extended our day by a bit.

It was another day of road walking, but much like the day before interesting scenery kept our minds off the pavement and the sweat soaking through our shirts. The sea breezes once again proved to be our salvation. Just when a patch of still, hot and humid, air would be about to finish us a draft of cool breeze would appear, and life would be fine once again. Many iterations of this occurred over the course of the day. Just a quick note on weather forecasts for coastal areas. Temps in coastal towns may be 10 F cooler than where you might be walking to get there. Inland valleys, even those close to the coast, can be much warmer than the coast. Today, for example Colombres was forecasted to have a high of around 71 F. We actually had a high, just a bit further inland, of close to 80 F (according to my keychain thermometer).

Today the mountains and the ocean seemed closer than ever. The space in between is shrinking, yielding some tantalizing views, yet reminding us that those peaks, while beautiful to look at, still have to be crossed. We have become accustomed to the rhythms of walking the coastal route. There is a certain predictability that has settled upon us. Yes, there are gorgeous juxtapositions of land and sea, but the mountains somehow have a greater pull, and we continue to be seduced. There is no doubt that upon reaching Sebrayo we shall move onto the Primitivo.

For now we have a few days left on the Norte, and we will enjoy them, and be happy for all they will offer us. No Camino is tailor made to each individual's needs. We walk and adjust as the circumstances and conditions allow. The spirits of pilgrims past, and those of saints and sinners alike walk with us. Each day, despite its challenges, we try to remind ourselves of that, and be thankful for their prayers. They sustain us.

Leaving Comillas
I seem to be always following this girl
Hidden beaches
Looks like a wall
Approaching San Vicente
That's my girl
Approaching San Vicente
San Vicente
Bridge at San Vicente
Harbor at San Vicente
San Vicente
Church at San Vicente
Raptor looking for lunch
Pilgrim message shrine in Estrada
We crossed over and under this road a few times today
This place is flower crazy
Getting closer to Colombres
Leaving Colombres with Chinese carry out from Unquera



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