Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 50: Ribadesella to Colunga (20 kms)

Westbound from Ribadesella

We spent a restless night in a hot hotel room wondering if we would ever fall asleep. I think I did about 5:00. Robin had pretty much the same experience. As a result we were not in the mood for much other than escaping our hot box, and getting back on the Camino. Early in the day clouds were rising and thickening so that a thunderstorm seemed likely. We pushed along enjoying the variety of terrain, those times when we were close to the sea, and the limited time on busy roads. I think all of this combined made the day slip by rather quickly. We only made one stop, for coffee, at a beachside restaurant at Vega. It was hard to get going again as the gentle break of the surf, and the cool sea breeze offered more than a reasonable justification for lingering just a bit longer. But, pilgrims to the bone, we activated stiffening muscles, and made one of those robot like movements to the vertical (or nearly so), set off across the beach, and onto a medieval road that carried us upwards around the shore. Today's walk brought us right along seaside cliffs for part of it. Broad meadows with tramped grass footpaths eventually brought us down to the Playa de la Espasa, just before La Isla. It was here that the first rumbles of thunder echoed across the beach. There is a very nice sidewalk that runs along the main road from Playa de la Espasa all the way to Colunga. As the first rain drops fell we we reached for our umbrellas, which have been holstered for some time now, and walked the sidewalk into Colunga. Once again, the umbrellas proved their value in this afternoon's hot, humid conditions. We strolled along arriving in Colunga around 3:00. We had one one criterion for tonight's lodging, and that was air conditioning. We were able to find a small hotel a little bit out of the city center in Colunga that proudly announced all rooms were air conditioned. It is the Hotel El Foyu. There isn't a restaurant or bar, but they serve breakfast, and then there is the A/C, which is purring away nicely as I write this. We will sleep well tonight, and be ready for our first foray into Primitivo territory tomorrow.

A view of Ribadesella
Arriving in Vega
Down and down to the beach in Vega
Trail or rabbit warren
A nice bit of trail
A couple of tight squeezes to get through
Approaching Playa de la Espasa
Playa de la Espasa



  1. Wow! You have travelled far as pilgrims. The photographs are beautiful and I enjoy reading your daily blog and tracking your journey. Thanks for sharing this. God bless, you are both an inspiration for me. Thanks you.

    1. Hi Gary, thank you for the kind words. Comments such as yours help keep us going. Many thanks.

  2. This is absolutely fabulous! I can't wait to get my feet on the Norte next year.