Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan 1, 2013 Valcarlos: Day begins

Valcarlos greeting the new year
I awoke to the new year about 5:30 this morning and wandered out to the kitchen to make some coffee. Harry and Robin have yet to stir, but should be following the smell of the coffee shortly. Our new year's celebration was a pleasant discussion over a couple of bottles of wine. No funny hats or party favors, just the pleasure of one another's company as we contemplated what lies ahead both in the near term for our pilgrimage and for the ensuing months of 2013. Prayers for peace and a safe passage to Santiago are needed and welcomed. This albergue is a blessed retreat. The heaters work wonderfully and have kept us warm and snug all night. Robin has just joined me and said she slept less than an hour last night! Not good as we face a fairly strenuous climb today. But the body does what it will do and I am sure she will sleep well in Roncesvalles tonight. I cracked open the front door to do a weather check. The early morning mountain silhouettes are barely visible against the still indigo sky. The ground is damp from passing light rain showers. It is cool, but not cold. All in all, a good day is in the offing, and I can't imagine any place I would rather be.

Peace be with you.



  1. Have a great walk today!! Look forward to hearing how the first day went.

  2. I hope your climb over the mountain went well. Especially for you Robin with your lack of sleep! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Colene from NZ.