Monday, January 28, 2013

Jan 28, 2013 Triacastela to Sarria: What a difference a day makes

Climbing out of Triacastela

We spent last night at the Casa David, a pension in Triacastela. We needed a washer, dryer and a chance to dry everything out (that means heat). The town was quiet with only three pilgrims, Robin and I, and James, from New York. He opted for the pension as well. When we walked past the municipal albergue it looked very quiet (make that empty). A interesting note was that the municipal albergue here in Sarria had 24 pilgrims registered yesterday. We know that there were not that many pilgrims ahead of us so I am estimating that about half those people were starting from Sarria. This is not breaking news, but it might be worth noting that weekends in Sarria are probably very popular start days for Spaniards as they wrap the weekend into their Camino plans. So far today, Robin and I are the only pilgrims at the municipal albergue, but that will surely change.

Robin still climbing

But, back to today's walk. As the post title suggests today was a much better day. For a start it was dry. We pushed away from our coffee and tostadas, settled the bill, and set out for Sarria. It was 9:15, 40 F, and cloudy. The last time we passed this way we walked via Samos. Today we took the more direct route to Sarria (18 kms). Leaving Triacastela we very soon were climbing. I quickly peeled off my jacket and was comfortable climbing in a t shirt and mid weight base layer. A hour later we were at San Xil, thanking God for the dry, mild, weather. We kept on, crested the summit and then carefully negotiated the descent. We kept looking for places where we might stop for a coffee break, but none were open.

From whence we came

So, Robin and I, and a bar of chocolate walked straight thought to Sarria, arriving at the municipal albergue at about 1:45. We were tired, but elated to be this close to Santiago. Even though we walked without a break, we enjoyed the scenery, and marveled at Camino life without drenching rain. During the second half of today's walk the sun beat back the clouds, and nudged temperatures to the mid 50's. I can't describe this parallel universe we have found ourselves in, but it is as close to heaven as we might hope to find today. We are finishing our lunch at the Meson O Tapas bar, and will use their WiFi to send this post (a little later on). We're finding that WiFi availability is much more widespread than two years ago. I don't see anyone using those coin operated Internet computers that were in high demand the last time we walked in 2010. We are using an iPad mini for all our posting and it is working out just fine. I also use Blogsy, for creating and editing posts. Blogger just doesn't make it as a stand alone blogging app. The balance of today will be devoted to cleaning up, going to 7:30 pm mass, and then catching dinner after that. It is a simple life that we have slipped into for these past several weeks. It has not always been an easy journey (beware of those who tell you it is), but it certainly is always a transforming experience.

Camino path blockage...backtrack
Sarria in the distance


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