Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jan 9, 2013 Najera to Santo Domingo De La Calzada: Happy birthday Robin

We spent a quiet night in Najera having dinner at the albergue and chatting with other pilgrims. A local man, who comes to the albergue just to visit, turned out to be a bit of a singer. He treated us to several songs and livened up our evening. It was lights out at 10:00 and lights on at 7:00. No one was in a great hurry as today's walk to Santo Domingo was about 21 kms. We pushed off for today's walk around 8:20. There is a bit of a hill leaving Najera, but it is not that challenging. However it does wake you up to the reality of another day on the Camino. Temps today started right at 30F, and climbed to 45F as we entered Santo Domingo (at 1:30). It was a quiet day for us with only a couple of hills and surprisingly good surface conditions that made walking easier. As a side note, since our departure, we have noticed many trail improvements. Two years ago where we found mud and uneven trails, we now found much improved walking surfaces. Money is being spent not just to maintain the Camino, but to upgrade it as well. Thank you for that. We are walking with three pilgrims from Charleston, South Carolina. One of them is a Camino veteran, and the others are new to the Way, but seem to be enjoying it. The Koreans we were walking with have accelerated and are now some distance further to the west. They are young and speedy, and have a flight schedule to keep. As we walked today the clouds gathered us in and by the time we arrived at our destination the sky was a gray sheet of filtered light with little warmth beneath it. The weather forecast continues to call for deteriorating conditions and colder temperatures. We are equipped to deal with it, but the dry weather has been a blessing. The Camino has its own nature and we shall walk through whatever (within reason) comes our way.

The birthday girl
Today is Robin's birthday, and we have decided to check into the Parador hotel, here in Santo Domingo, to unwind and celebrate. She has found some bath salts and is about to hop into the tub. Our bodies are holding together and creak awake each morning ready to meet the challenges of another day on the Camino. Off tomorrow to Belorado. Another day and another inch off the map. All is well (very well indeed).




Leaving Najera
Mountains to cross
Approaching Azofra
Santo Domingo

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  1. Great pics as always and wish Robin Happy Birthday from wet and cold Seattle!