Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jan 19, 2013 Mansilla to Leon: A short day's walk

Leaving the albergue

Our stay at the albergue last night was restful, and uneventful. I did talk to a German lady who was on her way from her home in Germany to Santiago. This is the second time she has done this. She has plans to walk to Rome and Jerusalem. She told me she has walked 8000 kms since retiring. We had dinner with our two Spanish friends, Francisco and his father, Martin, and were in bed by 9:30. This morning the streets were dry, although the overnight rain was quite heavy at times judging by the sound of it. As our Camino luck would have it, the showers held off until we were well into Leon. Ponchos were on only briefly. We walked through the city, made our farewell to Francisco and his Dad, and struck out for the Plaza San Marcos, and the Parador Hotel. We had no reservation, but expected finding a room at this time of year would probably not be difficult. We dripped our way to the reception desk, quickly got registered, and wobbled up to our room. For some reason my energy level was pretty low today, even though we only walked 18 kms. Anyhow, our plan is to spend two nights in Leon, and then push on to Hospital de Orbigo (32kms). Everywhere there is a stream or river, it is bank full. There is just a lot of water trying to find its way through the system these days.

Robin at Mansilla
Our Spanish friends
New pilgrim bridge at Villarente
In Leon



  1. Love following your blog. Brings back happy memories. I stayed at the same Alburgue in Mansilla. Enjoy yourselves in Leon. Where will you stay in hospital? We stayed in an amazing Alburgue there. Warm and cosy with pilgrims art work on the walls. Buen Camino.

  2. Dear Solesister, Which albergue in hospital did you stay? Lots of them closed in the winter but we will try to call them. Thanks for reading our blog.

  3. I stayed at an albugue called San Miguel in Hospital. We were greeted at the front door with a glass of wine. Great kitchen and lovely wood stove. Spotless. Also in ruitlan we stayed at one owned BT two men. Full supper of past carbon era, squash soup tiramisu. Woken up by classical music. Amazing. Read my blog. Solesisters4@blog hope this helps.

  4. That's a shame! We called San Miguel and they are closed for a few days for everyone in the house is sick. Oh well... A couple of hostels are open though. We stayed at the same albergue in Ruitlan 2 yrs ago. We liked them, too. Thanks!

  5. I loved the photo of the pilgrim ststue in Mansilla: I have such a contrasting one- at midday on a very hot day in full sunshine!