Monday, January 14, 2013

Jan 14, 2013 Castrojeriz to Fromista: A surprisingly fine day

Castrojeriz from the top
Despite all of yesterday's dire weather predictions today dawned dry and not all that cold, about 30F. There wast just a skim of ice on the stairs and streets as we gingerly made our way out of the albergue and out of town. There is a pretty good climb to get from Castrojeriz up onto the Alto Meseta, but 45 minutes from stepping out the door we were admiring the view from the top (and catching our breath). The rest of today's walk was pretty much flat. The sun actually showed itself and brought with it a modicum of warmth. High temps today pegged out at 45F. We had a fine day's walk stopping in Itero de la Vega for a late breakfast, and again in Boadilla Del Camino for a coffee. The predicted cold temps, snow and all other sorts of weather related mayhem blessedly failed to appear. So, inspired by this respite we struck up a good cadence arriving in Fromista at 3:00 pm. We found a room at a pension (albergues are closed) and are now doing the usual post walk clean up and making preparations for tomorrow's walk to Carrion de Los Condes (20kms). Our plan is to walk to Moratinos (30kms) from Carrion which is roughly the half way point for this Camino.

Distant peaks on the Meseta
Robin pleased with the weather
Not a bad day

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  1. Enjoyed catching up on the past few days of travel. Keep up the great writing and pics!