Friday, January 18, 2013

Jan 18, 2013 Bercianos to Mansilla de las Mulas: Walking the rifle barrel

The blue door is Santa Clara

Our stay at the Albergue Santa Clara is worthy of a separate post and Robin will attend to that. Let me just say, in brief, that it was the most amazing experience, so far, on this Camino. As we were gathered around the breakfast table we could see some light rain falling. Today's forecast included a warning for heavy rain. The temptation was to dredge up some excuse, regardless how lame, and plead our case to the hospitalera to grant us another day at this wonderful refuge. But, being true Caministas, we slung our packs, broke out the rain ponchos and steeled ourselves for a, potentially, miserable day on the senda. We walked out of Bercianos keenly aware of its outward ordinariness, but now also keenly aware of one resident's remarkable gift to the Camino, and the pilgrims who walk it, pure unconditional love. Maria Rosa, God bless you.

Coffee break

The day started fairly mild with temps near 50 F, and not forecasted to change much throughout the day. We set out with t shirts, a mid weight base layer, buffs, waterproof pants and gloves, and ponchos. We planned a first stop at El Burgo Ranero, and then a lunch break at Reliegos, and then a final push to Mansilla for a total of 25 kms. Once this walk started there was little variation. We joined the senda immediately after leaving Bercianos and walked the rifle barrel straight path all the way to Mansilla. We had a bit of a break with the wind as it hauled to the SW for most of the day and struck us a glancing blow on our left side instead of head on. The big story in our little world was the heavy forecasted rain never fell (thank God). It sprinkled all day, with some periods of heavier showers, but nothing close to what we were expecting. Even the wind kept its temper for most of the day, only rocking us about for the last third of our walk. We enjoyed a nice break at Reliegos (soup for lunch), and pushed on arriving at Mansilla about 3:15. We are checked into the Albergue El Jardin del Camino, and unwinding after a tiring day. We are off to Leon tomorrow for a two day break before resuming our pilgrimage. The boots that Rebekah Scott gave Robin in Moratinos are doing fine, and it seems that Robin's footwear issue might be solved. Thanks, Reb. Dinner will soon be served, and then it's off to bed. More from Leon.

Lunch at Reliegos
A little something to ward off the cold



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