Thursday, December 23, 2010

Approaching Navarette

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We got underway from Logrono at 8:00 and worked our way through the city as dawn struggled to find its way through the scudding clouds racing over the city. Gusty winds and temps in the high 30´s encouraged a brisk pace. There is a good little climb right out of Logrono so body temps were soon rising. The balance of the day stayed pretty much the same weather wise. We stoped in Navarette and in Ventosa for coffee and lunch respectively. Robin and I are not feeling quite so strong today. Not sure why, but it required more focus to push onward at times during the day. Today was a pretty long stage at 29 kms. We were flying on one engine as we shuffled into Najera. We are in the municipal albergue, and it is great. You could boil pasta in the shower the water is so hot, no complaints. Our plan is to spend Christmas eve in Santo Domingo de Calzada, only a 21km stage. Hope were are feeling a bit more road worthy tomorrow. I´ll let you know how that works out. Now it is off to find a very cold beer. Cheers.

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