Saturday, December 18, 2010

An early start to Pamplona

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Our now group of four gathered around the breakfast table on Friday morning as we finished our eggs and gathered our thoughts for the days walk. Zavier was bound for Roncesvalles and Daniel, Robin, and I headed off down to Pamplona and probably Cizur Menor where there is a very good albergue that we know is open. The day was challenging as we set a good pace early and kept it all day. We covered about 26 kilometers in beautiful sunny weather. The temperature actually got up close to 50 F at one point (too hot for this crowd). We are now in the Roncal albergue in Cizur Menor sipping some wine and trying to ease the pain in our feet. Off to dinner here shortly and then tomorrow we do it all over again as we run (walk) down our westing towards Santiago. All is well. Bodies and feet are still in the game. This is great experience (understatement). I will try and update as frequently as I can. Thanks for checking in on us.

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