Thursday, December 9, 2010

John drops the "F" bomb

A local path along the Columbia River
In the hope of providing some context to this pilgrimage I think it is important for me to talk about faith (F bomb incoming!!!). Faith (a complete trust or confidence) is a subject most people keep close to their hearts and are reluctant to share outwardly with strangers. But, for me this time on the camino is indeed about faith. This is a rare chance to work through some of the more difficult accents, switchbacks and declivities of life. Wherever we start from, whatever the troubles we carry, there is always an opportunity to transform that load into a more gentle burden. The camino I'm guessing, as a first timer, isn't meant to be a panacea. The magic seems unlikely to be on the path but rather in the minds and hearts of those who follow it. Sometimes it is only a matter of separation from the distractions around us that opens us to the healing silence of own grace.

Mt. Hood from a viewpoint near our home
It's late, tomorrow is my last day at work (for 2 months), so many thoughts reeling through my mind, lots of questions, but few answers as I head off to some much needed rest...but, on Monday we're off..Yes!!

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