Sunday, December 12, 2010

In the gathering light

This morning, with life restoring pots of tea at hand, Robin and I talked in the shifting shadows before the fireplace, and yes the subject was the camino (what a shock..I know), I reflected back to a previous conversation we had about letting go. In short the associated vision is a large old house with many rooms. These rooms represent the various places in our mind where we have placed our life's baggage. Perhaps we have done this to avoid an unpleasantness, delay a confrontation, because we lack the knowledge of what to do, because we fear the unknown, or maybe we are just procrastinators. Whatever the reason this is our house, the place where we dwell. These rooms contain all the constraints and limitations we have placed upon ourselves. These are the things that encumber life's essential freedom (to be). The realization that whatever is entombed in this labyrinth of passageways impedes our journey, limits our happiness and denies what is possible, should give us the courage to approach each door, confront its contents, reconcile or remove what is within, and then move on. Yes, I know it is a lot harder to actually do. As we approach D-Day (departure day for St.Jean) Robin and I have a shared commitment to use our time on the camino to throw open those doors (and a few windows too) and let the scouring winds of the Meseta help us clean house.

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  1. Many blessings to you both on your incredible journey. Can't wait to hear more!