Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bound for Zubiri

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Robin and I arev traveling wityh a new companion, Daniel from Quebec. He is on his 3rd camino. We left together from Roncesvalles on Wednesday and had a glorious descent through rural Navarre in light to moderate snow until we arrived in Zubiri. As wee approached the town we met a young man ascending the camino but without a pack. He was a young French guy on his way back from Compostela to Grenoble. He was making a round trip of it and had been on the camino since August. He was out checking his departure route for the next day. We all went down into Zubiri together and our new French friend, Xavier, arranged bunks for us at the pension where he as staying (Pension Usoa). and that was that. We were very fortunate to encounter him as many albergues are closed or on reservation status only. This means call and the hospitelara will decide if it is worth opening for you. Xavier had this problem in Larrasoana where they would not open just for him alone. Had a great communal meal at the pension, a couple of bottles of wine, and made plans for our departure the next morning. Had a great sleep after a gorgeous days walking in the snow.

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  1. What a pretty scene! The path looks so inviting as does the village below.