Thursday, December 23, 2010

The way to Logrono

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We left Los Arcos on Wednesday and walked into what is becoming a common weather pattern of light rain and gusty winds with temperatures in the mid 40´s. Still walking with t shirts, t neck base layers, gloves, and ponchos. Are feet are holding up well. Yes, they are sore at the end of the day along with many other body parts, but our merry band of pilgrims is still in very good spirits. This journey makes its demands on you in a variety of ways. Part of the accommodation process is to find your peace with those demands. What Robin and I are discovering is that it is a process and only time will tell what your personal relationship with the camino will be. Arrived in Logrono about 3:00 on Wednesday and settled into a private albergue as the municipal was closed. It was just fine. We had a walk through the downtown area and enjoyed a few drinks and dinner before callng it quits. We will be trying to get to Najera on Thursday.

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