Friday, December 10, 2010


My yoga teacher recently gave me a beautiful card. In it, was an excerpt from a poem by John O'Donohue, "For the traveler". I thought I would share with whoever is reading our blog for it contains blessings for everyone, especially those who are about to take a journey, of any kind; journey through an illness, loss of loved ones, journey of finding a new job, journey of raising children, journey of preparing to leave your body, and journey of finding who you really are.

"A journey can become a sacred thing: make sure, before you go, to take the time to bless your going forth, to free your heart of ballast. So that the compass of your soul might direct you toward the territories of spirit. Where you will discover more of your hidden life, and the urgencies that deserve to claim you. May you travel in an awakened way, gathered wisely into your inner ground; that you may not waste the invitations, which wait along the way to transform you. May you travel safely, arrive refreshed, and live your time away to its fullest; Return home more enriched, and free to balance the gift of days which call you."

J has packed his back pack tonight and I am about to pack mine. It is time, to leave behind what is comfortable to us and travel into the unknown where everything will be shaped by the openness of our hearts. My friend D told me that every step I go forward will take me closer to the heart of Christ. So I repose, in thanksgiving for all the possibilities that reside in me.

"Hail Mary, full of grace, bless the journey, bless the place we go to and we leave." Pilgrim Prayer

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