Saturday, November 21, 2015

Day 15: Galisteo to Plasencia (19 Kms)


Today we awoke to our first few drops of rain. After two weeks of dry weather we had to break out our umbrellas. It was just a few passing showers, but we got a good hosing down for about an hour or so before the sky cleared and dried us out.

We hatched a plan to walk to Carcabosa today and then taxi to Plasencia where we will spend the night. Tomorrow we will taxi to Caparra to pick up the Via de la Plata and walk 18 Kms to Aldeanueva del Camino. All this came about as we struggled to find a place to stay, that was on the Camino, between Caracabosa and Aldeanueva Del Camino. It all worked out fine and Plasencia turned out to be a little gem of a city that we otherwise would have missed. So we walked along the road through the passing rain showers, and then called into the Bar Via de la Plata, in Carcabosa, for a coffee where the owner was happy to call a taxi for us. Hae, our Korean peregrina, also came with us. We are all meeting at the cathedral for the 7:00 pm mass. We had a very lazy afternoon and simply wandered around enjoying the old town. Back to work tomorrow. But this was a nice break.

Robin and Hae
Plaza Mayor Plasencia
Main altar In the cathedral in Plasencia



  1. Dear John & Robin, I can't tell you how inspirational and enjoyable it is to "travel" with you. In large measure you are the impetus for a decision to walk the Portugues next October. (Not enough time to do the Francis.). Thank you , Happy Thanksgiving and fair seas and following winds. Duke

  2. Hi Duke, Glad you are enjoying tagging along. Thank you for all your kind words. Keeps our spirits up.