Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Day 19: Fuenterrobles del Salvatierra to San Pedro de Rozados (26 Kms)

Crossing the plain

This morning we were dropping the keys to our Casa Rural in the mailbox at 8:15. Enough daylight was pushing through the scattered cloud deck for us to easily find our way out of town. It was a quiet stay for us in the small village of Fuenterrobles followed by an even quieter departure. Pilgrim sightings have been few since this pilgrimage began and have grown even scarcer as we have moved along. Last night we walked the deserted streets looking for something to eat. We stopped into the first place we saw. The bartender was sporting an eclectic cold weather outfit including a hat with long ear flaps that could have passed for an old flying helmet. He agreed to pull together a meal for us, and we were very thankful. Later we stopped into the Bar Jose, the only other bar that was open. There was no colorful flight leader at the bar but the food certainly looked better. Later I came back out for a few things at the tienda and then it was back to our house and the warmth of the fire that has been crackling away since we arrived. Our evening consisted of sipping wine, rotating laundry in front of the fireplace, followed by bed.

So this brings us back to our departure this morning into another day on the Via de la Plata. Salamanca is 50 kilometers away so we set our course for the village of San Pedro de Rozados which is about half way. Today we started out across a very level plain, climbed up to a windmill installation and then descended back down to a road that led us to San Pedro. The day was a bit warmer than yesterday but a persistent cold breeze canceled the rise in temperature and kept us zipped up most of the way. Our 26 kilometers dragged by and Robin and I were both happy to finally arrive at 2:45. We took a quick look at the albergue around the corner from the Bar El Claveles, and moved on to find a room at the Bar VII Carreras which also offers rooms behind the bar/restaurant. Tomorrow we arrive in Salamanca and will layover an extra day. Looking forward to our day off, and a change in the menu. Robin is scouting Asian restaurants. My tenera meter is in the red zone. Looking for vegetables. Still, two happy pilgrims.

A much welcomed sun reaches us
At the top of the windmill climb
View from the top of the mountain
Almost there
We made it.


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