Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thoughts from the terrace bar

View from the rooftop bar at the Hotel Vincci de Rabida
Traveling to the Camino from our home in Washington state is always a bit of an ordeal. Long flights, layovers and multiple connections always rise to test our commitment to these journeys. But, now that the dust from the road has been washed away and much needed sleep has been granted we are once again yearning for the pilgrim road that will take us to Santiago. Our few days in Seville have been both fun and restorative. The city is brimming with tourists. Clusters of visitors roam the narrow lanes and alleys snapping photos and buying tickets to Flamenco shows (as we did). We had some things to accomplish and due to the convenient location of our hotel in the Arenal district (close to the cathedral) these were easily accomplished. We picked up our credentials at the Hotel Simon, mailed a box of post Camino clothes to Santiago, and picked up some SIM cards from the Orange Tienda. All of these things were handled conveniently in nearby locations.
Seville is a major tourist destination so of the throngs currently here only a very few I would guess are pilgrims. When we have asked questions regarding the Via de la Plata, even at the Tourist Office, we have drawn some blank stares. Nonetheless we are now set to depart tomorrow and will simply take it as it comes. The weather has been quite pleasant but will rise to near 80 F tomorrow. So we will have a few days of warmer weather as we move northward and that is just fine as winter weather will join us on the road soon enough. We attended the noon mass at the cathedral in the Capilla Real. This prayerful beginning to our Camino is something we always do. Pilgrims always need prayers and blessings and we gladly gather them in as our departure approaches. So for the rest of our last day in Seville we will enjoy some more lazy time hanging out in the rooftop terrace bar at our hotel catching up on correspondence and then we shall return to the Barrio de Santa Clara for another Flamenco show and then bed. Boots on tomorrow for sure and let the Camino begin. Ole!
Our albergue in Seville
First arrow
View from the Giralda Tower
A night out
Barrio Santa Cruz
Robin before mass at the cathedral
Capilla Real


  1. Hi you two. Amazingly I just thought today to check your blog and 'bam' you're in Spain ready to start another Camino. Needless to say we're going to enjoy following you the month or so. I hope to get the opportunity to stay at the Parrochial Albergue San Pedro Apostal in Monesterio. It's not too far north of Seville. It's an albergue that our Camino group here in London supports. We have given over $4,000 to help out there in the past few years. One of our members here walked several Caminos with Father Miguel Angel Garcia Encinas, the priest that runs the albergue. He started in several years ago and I think you'll enjoy your stay if it works out. There is some beautiful art work on the walls from several of our London Pilgrims and I think I have a few posters that I did from my photos there. If you stop be sure to say hi to Father Miguel from all his friends in London, Canada. The address is Ave. De Extremadura, 218. I think the ph. Is 924-51-60-97. Be safe and enjoy. Dayton and Karen

    1. We already had another reservation but perhaps we will cancel it and try the Parrochial Albergue instead. Sounds wonderful. Great to have you both with us again.

  2. Safe and rewarding travels. Duke

    1. Many thanks Duke. Good to you have you with us well.

  3. The albergue in Monesterio is small (12 beds I think) and I'm assuming clean from the photos we've seen. While I haven't met Father Miguel, I think he's a really nice man....young and good looking!! I think he charges €10. Even if you don't stay there and you have an extra minute or two stop by and give him best wishes from his friends in London.