Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 23: Villanueva de Campeán to Zamora (18.8 Kms)

Villanueva in the rear view mirror

We had a very restful and fun stay at the Posada del Buen Camino, but once again the road was calling and we made our goodbyes to Maria, our hostess and stepped out into a very chilly and very foggy morning. I would like to embellish this post with lots of anecdotes, but truth be told, we simply moved along in a patch of visibility that never varied from roughly 100 feet at best to 30 feet at worse. These conditions persisted until we crossed the last road that brought us down to the River Duero, where we finally saw some faint glimpses of buildings on the other side. So that was it for today. The plus side is that we are lodged in Parador with the heat huffing away, warm as toast. Just perfect. We are here for two days so hopefully this cold spell will pass through. I went to mass at a local church, bought some very nice wine, and am now watching crazy soccer goals on the tv. One day of being tourists then back on the road. We really haven't forgotten why we are here, but it's fun to play hookie once in awhile. Zamora is dripping wet in fog and cold, but we could not be happier just twisting the dial on the thermostat (this one actually works), and drawing the blankets up to our chins. A pilgrim fantasy come true. See your tomorrow.

Frosty fields
A bit of ice
I'm think I see a bridge
This way to Zamora
I actually smiled just after Robin took the picture
The Parador in Zamora



  1. I'm liking your style this time......Paradors!!!!!!! I'm sure they are well worth it, especially in the winter. We haven't tried one yet, but I see it in the future. Keep healthy. Dayton

  2. Actually at this time of year these rooms can be quite reasonable. But, regardless, occasionally a splurge is required.