Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 6: Zafra to Villafranca de Los Barros (19 Kms)

Way marking leaving Los Santos

This morning Robin awoke to a pain in her knee. Having worked through similar situations on other caminos we opted to shorten today's walk. We grabbed a taxi to Los Santos de Maimona. This would chop off about 4 Kms. I shifted some things from Robin's pack to my own to ease her burden, and off we went. We were greeted with another clear warm day as the taxi wound through the "morning rush" in Zafra. In a blink we were being dropped of in the Plaza de España in Los Santos de Maimoa True to what we have noticed to date the Camino path was well marked. We gingerly tested legs, knees et al to get a sense of how the day would go. Once underway Robin's knee seemed to fall in line and we moved off to the north under reasonable control.

As we moved into the countryside we popped our umbrellas and set our focus on Villafranca. The day was still and warm. Even the raptors making lazy circles over distant fields seemed to be weighing the energy required to score a bit of lunch. It was just one of those days. We walked through lot's of olive orchards today with branches sagging under the weight of ripened fruit. A few guys were beating some trees to death to get them to release their bounty, but only a few. Maybe the torpor convinced others to simply stay home. It was pleasant and enjoyable walk. The trail was blessedly easy on our feet, and we were very thankful for that. Still moving along at good walking speed we arrived in Villafranca's Plaza de España. We were casting about looking for a place to stay when a guy hollered at us from a small bar kiosk in the plaza. He pointed to an Albergue Touristico just a couple of doorways up the street. In we went. 20 euros for a private double and the laundry is being done (some extra charge for that). I am in the plaza typing this up while Robin is resting her knee. We are looking at shortening stages until we get to Mérida. At that point we will have a better feel for what needs to be done to make Santiago. All is good. Another gorgeous day on the VdlP.

Los Santos
Looking back


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