Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 17: Aldeanueva Del Camino to Baños de Montemayor (13 Kms)

Aldeanueva Del Camino

Another cold but brilliantly clear morning greeted us as we began da 17 on the Via de la Plata. Today was a short day to Baños de Montemayor. Tomorrow will be a 32 Km day and without this short day it would have been 43 Kms. That is too much for our feet these days so we set our destination on Baños forget tonight's layover. The guidebook mentioned taking a detour through the village of Hervás which is reported to have one off the best kept Jewish barrios in Spain. As we came to the turnoff we decided to go have a look. An hour later we were in Hervás, a very charming tourist oriented town. We poked around a bit, went over to the old Jewish neighborhood and wandered a bit through there. All very nice especially under the crystal clear blue skies. A bracing autumn wind kept temperatures cool to cold as we climbed up and down. Eventually we found a connecting road to our beloved companion, the N 630, and 30 minutes later we turned right on it and set our course for Baños. A little less than an hour later we were walking into Baños. We found our way to the Plaza Mayor and the one bar that seemed to have every shivering person in the neighborhood in there ordering some sort of fortified coffee. We had ours before departure in Aldeanueva (thinking ahead) and avoided the surge at the bar in Baños. We have booked into another Casa Rural, Los Postigos. Very nice and very well heated (big plus). We will push off for Fuenterrobles de Salvatierra In the morning. Not many photos to post today as I somehow deleted them from my camera's memory card as I was clearing memory storage on my iPad. I believe I know what not to do going forward. Fingers crossed. All is well.

Hervás with Jewish Barrio to left


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