Monday, January 12, 2015

What a difference a day makes


Robin and I arrived yesterday afternoon in Bilbao after a tiring but uneventful trip from Portland. Even the box with our hiking poles appeared on the baggage carrousel (surprise...surprise). It seems the fatigue of long distance travel just grows as we grow older. By the time we found our hotel I was ready to crash, but roused by a need to eat something Robin and I ventured out to a neighborhood Japanese restaurant and enjoyed a small dinner. Shortly thereafter we were both in bed and catatonic. Ten hours of sleep followed by a hearty breakfast brought us both back to life. This pilgrimage might have a chance after all. For awhile I was wondering what I had gotten us into, but that was yesterday, and those demons have now departed. We have done everything today at a leisurely pace. We have purchased our Orange SIM cards, purchased some vitamins I left at home, and sorted out the way to the Sanctuario Loiola. We will head that way first thing tomorrow morning. The balance of today will be spent enjoying an afternoon walk, nibbling on pintxos and sipping some vino. It is an absolutely glorious day here weather wise. The sun is out, it's calm and the temperature is close to 60 F. We are blessed.



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