Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 25: Montamarta to Tábara (49 Kms)

Leaving Montamarta

Once again the fog wrapped us in a moist embrace as we climbed out of Montamarta. Both Robin and I were feeling good and we enjoyed the coolness, but admittedly this fog thing is getting a bit old. Yes, I know it could be rain, and that would be worse, but I am beginning to doubt my vision as everything is seen through a hazy veil. Today we took a few more twists and turns as we wove our way back and forth across the A66 motorway. We were stopping for our usual photo opportunities but other than that we just pushed on towards Granja. A few gentle climbs helped keep us warm, and the sun added a bit when it finally made a brief appearance later in the day. So it was without incident or fanfare or anything remarkable that we dragged into Granja. Our guidebook listed a single Casa Rural and an albergue. We went to the community center bar, also mentioned in the Gerald Kelly guidebook, and ordered a couple of beers. I struck up a conversation with the lady tending bar, and asked her about places to stay. She confirmed what the guidebook had said, but she also added that the albergue has no heat. Scratch that. She checked on the Casa Rural, and told us that it was full. There must a lot of folks out and about on weekends. That shot it for staying in Granja. The next question was how to get to Tábara, 26 Kms away, where we could find a bed. Our helpful bar lady, knew a young guy with a car who would drive us there for 20 euros. The deal was done and five minutes later we were on our way. We got a room at the Bar Roble, and were very happy to get it. There are occasional stages where suitable lodging simply isn't there or isn't open. In those situations you just have to move on. Tomorrow we are facing a similar situation as we try to get to Rionegro. Tábara to Rionegro is 54 kms. Too much to walk in one day, even if we could. Our plan is to taxi to Santa Marta de Tera, and then walk 28 kms to Rionegro del Puente. I'll let you know tomorrow how it all worked out. For now, it is bedtime. We wish you all a very pleasant evening from room 206, high above the Bar Roble (so far it's not noisy). Buenas noches.

A convenient restaurant in Montamarta
Setting out from Casa Rural Molinos
Our only companions today


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