Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 28: Asturianos to Puebls de Sanabria (17 kms)

Our albergue in Asturianos

Today we waived goodbye to the Albergue Polideportivo and set our sights on Puebla de Sanabria. It was a cloudy, but slightly warmer, day than what we have been used to, and we could actually see (no fog). A great start to an easy day. There were no bars open in Asturianos for breakfast so we walked 3 kms to the neighboring village of Palacios de Sanabria where we called into the first bar we saw for a couple of coffees and some tostadas. An open fire greeted us and we peeled off to enjoy our breakfast. A side note if the weather is wet, I would just walk the road from Asturianos to Palacios. The off road track looked like it could turn into a bog with just a little rain. Just my opinion. Not feeling any pressure to carry on, we lingered over our coffees until the itchy feet syndrome kicked in and we headed out the door to rejoin the camino. We walked along some leaf strewn paths and a few quiet roads until we saw Puebla de Sanabria ahead of us. At this point we walked the road through the new town, and across the bridge into the old town where we had a Casa Rural booked. Around 1:00 we were enjoying a well earned glass of beer at the bar next to our lodging for the night. Robin's left heel was a quite sore today so we are staying close to home and giving it a rest. We will see how things go tomorrow. For now we are warm, dry, and grateful. See you tomorrow.

It is not flat anymore
Puebla de Sanabria
Crossing into old town
And there is a modest Castillo


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