Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Layday 1 in Zamora

From our hotel room window

Did the usual sightseeing today, but the cold damp air that still hangs over the city drove us back inside after a few hours. We did some trip planning today and found some areas where lodging is pretty dodgy. We have been in contact with a very nice South African guy, Craig, who lives with his wife, in Villarreal de Farfón. He is making some calls and we will confirm with him tomorrow what he has found out. In the meantime, Robin and I have decided to extend our stay in Zamora one more day. We will depart on Thursday, come what may. In the meantime I have added a few photos from our walkabout today.

The cathedral
Courtyard next to cathedral
El Castillo
Robin on guard duty
Finally we can see the bridge


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